How to Make a Good Typography for Website Design

Typography is a combination of art and engineering to set the paper so as to make the meaning of the text visually conveyed properly. That is why typography is also important in terms of the Website design. Processing typography is not only limited by the selection typeface, large fonts, kerning, leading, decorations and so on, but also on compatibility between the theme and the impression you want shown. Here are 5 guidelines how to create an attractive typography on your website.

1. Read the text you publish on your website

Copy & Paste is a technique that is often done in filling content website. Usually, clients send the desired text and web designer then simply move to the website as part of the liabilities alone. However, the thing to note is that reading the text provided by the client will bring up a basic idea of how the text will be integrated into the website, so that between the text and the design united and the message conveyed properly.

2. Use lorem ipsum dummy text and replace it immediately with the
original text

Lorem ipsum dummy text is extremely useful to create the impression of an attractive typography on the website. However, the dummy text is sometimes not suitable for a particular website design that requires words more specific. Therefore, as much as possible so that you will get the desired original text so that the overall shape between website design and typography can be harmonized.

3. Show a clear hierarchy

Hierarchy here can mean something that directs you start. When you view a website, what part of your direct view? With the clarity like this, your website typography will look more organized look. To do this, you can try to choose large letters, the letters that attractive and clear, then the placement of the letter should also be adjusted properly.

4. Note about the macro and micro typography

Macro typography related to the structure of the writing and the impression that appear on the website as part of the aesthetic design in the placement. While micro typography with regard to the details of distance, whether the words easier to read or not and that determines how the text should be compiled.

5. Be careful with the color of the font used

The color selection of letters will greatly affect the psychological impression of the show. For example, if the font color red, then quickly make the eyes become tired. Then the color of the letters should also be different from the background color, not necessarily with contrasting colors but can be a color more clearly visible so easy to read.

Steps To Fix Leaks On The PVC Water Pipe

Before you fix a leaky pipe, you should first know the floor plan and the pipeline installation path and detect which section of pipe where the leak comes from. You can know the water pipe installation path from the architect who designed the house while to detect a leaking pipe section where you can see from the results of the leaks. Else, you can rely on the Plumbing services you hire. Here are the steps on how to fix leaks on the PVC water pipe.

– Identification of Sources of Leaks

How to cope with the first pipeline leak is the identification of the source of the leak. The water pipes are usually planted on the edge of the house, under the floor or on the wall. Mark seepage areas that appear. When you use a tile floor, tile grout try to pour laxative to ensure pipeline leak area planted under the floor. When the water emerging from the current tile grout pump is turned on, it is certain that they will be in the area there is a pipeline leak.

– Unloading Walls or Floors

When you have found the location of the leak, you can unload the floors and walls with a hammer or a drill carefully as a way to overcome the next water pipeline leak.

– Note Pipe Condition

Before unpacking PVC pipe and patch the leaking pipe, you should first consider carefully whether the condition of the pipe needs to be replaced with a new or patched enough alone?

If the source of the leak is disconnected then you can overcome the pipeline leaks in a way to replace it with new pipe joints. Do not forget to resurface sections of the connection with seal tape to prevent leaking pipe at a later date.

Then, what if leakage occurs not at the connection? When a leak is severe enough to cover the entire circular pipe then inevitably you have to cut and dial. However, if the leak only covers a semicircular pipe then the easiest way is to patch the leaking PVC pipe.


Tips On How To Shop Materials For Home Improvement

Shopping is one of the fun activities, including shopping building materials. So does shopping for Home Improvement. In renovating the house, it is better to shop for the materials on your own. This is to avoid any price difference which is quite large. Logically, if you are shopping for yourself, then you are going to compare what the price of the most inexpensive. If you entrust this matter to someone else, you need to pay more for transportation costs and compensation for their services. Here are some tips you need to consider when you are shopping building materials:

You can consult to your relatives ever build or renovate a house before. This is important because you can gain knowledge about the ingredients are cheap. Certainly, can save your budget right?

There is a good idea to involve relatives or friends who work as an architect when shopping for building materials. In addition to providing feedback on the materials required, Architects can offer advice on where to shop for building materials at relatively inexpensive prices. Then, you can make a shopping list so that you save time when shopping. The shopping list is also a reminder, in case there are materials that are not bought.

You need to look for alternative building materials which are cheap but have a good quality. For example, choose a patterned ceramic marble with marble than buying a more expensive price.

You can select a store building materials that offer payment scheme in installments. This offer will be profitable for the store building and the buyer. You can allocate funds more frugal with regular installments, while the store will meet monthly sales targets due to supply your building. It is better to have a good relationship with the owner of the shop and reckoning can make an offer to acquire the cheapest payment scheme.